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  1. Six must-have features to modernise your meeting room booking system

    The pandemic bought about a seismic shift in the way we work, one of the most significant changes being the adoption of hybrid work.

    Many companies have embraced hybrid working, adopting flexible working practices that enable people to balance working from home with office work.


    22 Nov 2022

  2. How to build a strong hybrid work culture

    Culture is often a highly debated and often controversial subject. As humans, we are often complex. If a company sells paint then they can agree that’s what they do - unless they work in marketing, in which case they provide the essential element of the universe. However, if you were to ask the entirety of the staff what culture the company has, the answers will likely be different.


    11 Oct 2022

  3. How to successfully implement a hybrid working model

    Everyone is starting from a different block when it comes to the implementation of hybrid working. Some organisations were already doing it before the pandemic, whereas others are only now investing and implementing some of the key changes needed to make it work.


    27 Sep 2022

  4. Are midweek office days the new normal?

    Our previous blogs have spoken at length about hybrid working and the ways the office could continue to involve in the months and years ahead. Today we’ll be looking at how the ‘office day, remote day’ pattern is shaping up.


    14 Sep 2022