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  1. The advantages of booking a tailored meeting space

    The post-pandemic work shift has brought a change in the way we work and hold meetings, with a rapid rise in the adoption of flexible working practices. With workers now based across multiple physical locations, such as the home, or shared office spaces, it’s becoming more of a challenge to hold productive meetings.


    21 Feb 2023

  2. Top tips to innovate your meeting rooms in 2023

    Today’s meeting spaces have transcended the traditional, fixed boardroom layouts. Gone are the days of long tables with overhead projectors as we move into an era of multifunctional spaces that cater for every type of meeting or get together.


    25 Jan 2023

  3. The top 6 benefits of hybrid working

    The global COVID-19 pandemic changed the way companies and offices work – possibly forever. With only a small percentage previously working from home, during the pandemic almost everyone did.


    7 Dec 2022

  4. Six must-have features to modernise your meeting room booking system

    The pandemic bought about a seismic shift in the way we work, one of the most significant changes being the adoption of hybrid work.

    Many companies have embraced hybrid working, adopting flexible working practices that enable people to balance working from home with office work.


    22 Nov 2022