Room & Desk Booking System

Let Clearooms and your access controls do the heavy lifting.

Working smarter

When you’re in, you’ve really arrived!

Time is a resource we all feel we need more of, so there is nothing more frustrating than having to work with systems that need duplicate effort.

By integrating with Paxton Light and Paxton Net 2, when you show up to work, everything falls into place. No need to log in again (and again…)

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Key Features

Access control

  • Auto log-in enabled

    Save employees the effort of having to remember to check-in, door entry automates the check in process

  • User notifications

    Automatically send notifications when people enter the building without a desk pre-booked

  • Peace of mind

    By integrating with Paxton’s security features, you know you’re covered.

  • Data & insight

    Clearooms automatically records who’s been in and which desk they were at.

The fact that Clearooms and Paxton worked so well together was a deciding factor for us. We have thousands of staff ‘transactions’ across the country everyday and it has made checking them in a breeze. In fact we don’t have to give it a second thought.

D. Peterson, Sofology UK

Rock solid & reliable

Office insights like never before…

Paxton’s solutions are industry proven for offices of all sizes, and offer you granular control of access throughout your workspace.

This, coupled with Clearooms easy-to-use and intuitive room and desk bookings gives you complete insight into how your spaces are being used, who’s using them and when. In turn this can help you better understand how to configure, resource and utilise one of your primary assets.

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Designed for Purpose

Features to support hybrid working

Clearooms has been developed from the ground up to be both easy to use as well as incredibly feature rich.

Here are just a few to whet your appetite:

  • Quick set up and easy onboarding, including floorplan support
  • Customisable social distancing rules
  • Integrates with Google and Outlook
  • Optional health questionnaire prior to booking
  • Ease of use and custom reporting
  • Easily scalable (both up and down) with no long term contracts
  • Great value, based on desk numbers, not employees
  • Europe-based, here in the UK with responsive support
  • Mobile and web-based booking, always synchronised
  • Device agnostic for room console integration = great value
  • Parking space management included

Clearooms, the all-in-one desk and room booking system for hybrid working.

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