10 Feb 2023

Your easy step-by-step guide to booking meeting rooms through the Clearooms Portal

Your easy step-by-step guide to booking meeting rooms through the Clearooms Portal

The Clearooms Portal is a simple, intuitive all-in-one desk and meeting room booking system.

By synchronising mobile and web bookings, the Clearooms Portal makes it easy to select dates, see the availability of meeting spaces, and book rooms instantly, wherever you are, whenever you need a room.

We’ve put together a brief, step-by-step guide to show you how straightforward it is to book meeting rooms with the Clearooms Portal.

Step 1:

Start by clicking on the ‘Meeting Rooms’ tab, found at the top right-hand side of the portal.

Step 1: Click on the ‘Meeting Rooms’ tab

Step 2:

To the top, left-hand side of the screen, you’ll see a green calendar icon, displaying today’s date. Make sure it’s set to the date you’d like a meeting room for.

Step 2: Select date for your meeting

Step 3:

Using the drop-down box next to it, on the right, select the office location you’d like to book a room in.

Step 3: Select office location

Step 4:

The ‘Filter Resources’ drop-down box lets you select resources and services needed. • Resources gives you options to add items such as a conference phone, HD projector, and white boards. • Services lets you include any catering, equipment, and room configurations that you might need.

Step 4: Select resources and services

Step 5:

On the left-hand side you’ll now be able to view a list of the rooms available (such as boardrooms, chill room etc), along with the maximum capacity and the resources for each.

Step 5: View a list of the rooms available

Step 6:

Simply swipe across to find the time slot that you need, then scroll down to select a meeting room that fits your requirements.

Step 6: Select room and time slot

Step 7:

Once you’ve selected an available slot, a ‘New Meeting’ box will pop-up. This will list the resources and services you have already picked.

Step 7: Customise your meeting

Step 8:

Here you’ll also have the option to: • Select an exact start and end time • Add a title for your meeting • Write a description, letting everyone know what it’s about • Specify if it’s a teams or private meeting, or if it requires custom branding.

Step 8: Add more details

Step 9:

If you need any equipment or catering, or have specific set-up requirements, then you can also note these here. You can, for example, • Request room equipment, such as projectors or flip charts (3 hours’ notice required) • Add catering requests (manager and administrator-level) from refreshments to pastries and sandwiches, so your delegates stay happy • Specify room configuration (24 hours’ notice also needed) which details how you’d like the room set-up, such as a boardroom or U-shape layout, for example

Step 9: Add room services

Step 10:

Finally, add attendees by entering their email addresses or usernames, then click ‘Create’.

Step 10: Add attendees

The Clearooms Room Booking App is a user-intuitive meeting room booking system that gives you everything you need, at your fingertips. Users can see real-time availability of rooms, and search, select and book rooms in an instant.

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