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  1. What is a Hybrid Working Model? 10 Tips for Making it Work for Your Business

    As companies begin to return to office spaces, a new way of working is being introduced by many companies: the hybrid working model. Put simply, this new way of working combines both in-office and remote working opportunities. While, on the face of it, this model appears to be the best way of working to maximise productivity, flexibility and work/life balance, it is not without its own set of challenges.


    17 May 2021

  2. Social Distancing with Clearooms

    After working from home for weeks on end, some of us might be more excited to get back to the office than on your average Monday morning. However, with recent events and the need to maintain social distancing in the office going forward, some of us may also be a little apprehensive.


    19 Feb 2020

  3. Our New Clearooms Feature – Hot Desk Booking

    As the way we work looks to change and adapt to a more flexible style after working from home for a long period of time, the popularity of ‘hot desking’ is set to increase. Working from home will have been a new experience for a lot of workers recently, and a move towards the trend of flexible working may be a preferential one for most.


    2 Jan 2020

  4. Our Story

    In 2018 our team was expanding and starting to outgrow our office space. This created difficulties for how well everyone could work comfortably together. An open-plan layout and 1 meeting room meant whenever groups wanted to meet or there was an important client call, it was hard to do without disturbing others. Even the tapping from a developer’s keyboard was starting to cause friction!


    1 Jan 2020