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  1. Are midweek office days the new normal?

    Our previous blogs have spoken at length about hybrid working and the ways the office could continue to involve in the months and years ahead. Today we’ll be looking at how the ‘office day, remote day’ pattern is shaping up.


    14 Sep 2022

  2. Agile Workspaces

    The post-Covid workforce is adaptable after multiple years of moving between the office and the home study (or dining table in many cases). Many companies have retained hybrid working as their preferred strategy as we’ve moved out of the pandemic. Hybrid workers require a hybrid office; in other words an agile office space.

    We’ve broken down what an agile office is and what it can look like.


    15 Aug 2022

  3. The office environment after Covid-19

    The pandemic was a torrid time for the office. However, it’s been fantastic to see companies of all sizes returning, albeit with some fresh outlooks on what the work environment can and should be.


    1 Aug 2022

  4. What is the Hybrid Working model?

    As we move out of the pandemic, there is still strong evidence that hybrid working is set to stay around. However, it’s a term that many are still unsure about. So what is a reliable definition of hybrid working?


    13 Jul 2022

  5. What is a Hybrid Working Model? 10 Tips for Making it Work for Your Business

    As companies begin to return to office spaces, a new way of working is being introduced by many companies: the hybrid working model. Put simply, this new way of working combines both in-office and remote working opportunities. While, on the face of it, this model appears to be the best way of working to maximise productivity, flexibility and work/life balance, it is not without its own set of challenges.


    17 May 2021