The Marketing Practice

A story of growth, expansion and a new way of working

Industry: Advertising; Staff: 200

Desks: 101; Meeting Rooms: 12

The Marketing Practice is a global B2B marketing agency. With offices dispersed far and wide, in locations such as Sydney, San Francisco, Munich and London, The Marketing Practice are leaders in their field.

Evolution to Hybrid Work: The Marketing Practice and Clearooms

Up until early 2020, employees of The Marketing Practice worked in the office Monday to Friday, with each member of the team having an assigned desk - working from home was an occasional flexibility offered.

Then, of course, Covid-19 forced offices across the globe to close with immediate effect, sending organisations, including The Marketing Practice, into somewhat of a panic to rapidly establish new ways of working.

As the pandemic ended and the world began finding it’s ‘new normal’, The Marketing Practice had determined that hybrid working could be a solution that not only gave their team the flexibility and autonomy to work remotely but also allowed them to manage their office space efficiently.

This shift to hybrid working also coincided with a period of rapid growth for The Marketing Practice as their team grew both through recruitment as well as the acquisition of another organisation. All of this resulted in The Marketing Practice seeking new office space and with this, a solution for managing their workspace - this is where Clearooms comes in.

We spoke with Ella Riley, Office Manager of The Marketing Practice, to find out how they found Clearooms, why they saw us as a good fit and how it has impacted their business to date…

The Solution for Flexible Workspace Needs

Adopting a hybrid working arrangement allowed The Marketing Practice to move into new office space that didn’t need to accommodate their entire team at all times. However, it did mean they needed a solution that ensured that when any member of the team needed to be in the office, they could guarantee that they would have a desk and/or meeting space to work from.

It was a colleague of Ella’s who found Clearooms through a quick Google search and Ella knew right away that Clearooms was the solution for them.

'We knew that technology could help us deliver our hybrid-working culture, but we needed a solution that was capable of handling our needs whilst being extremely easy to roll-out, especially as we were going through some massive internal changes at the same time.'

A quick call with Clearooms and we were sold - the team were so friendly and accommodating to our needs and the software itself was self-explanatory. Although we were given a demo on the call, in truth, it’s so easy to use that we didn’t need a demo.

Ella Riley, Office Manager of The Marketing Practice

What Makes Clearooms the Ideal Choice

'We did explore some other options, but there were a few key reasons we decided to choose and have subsequently stayed with Clearooms. Firstly, the ability to deliver all (and more) of the functionality we needed in a truly simple user experience was perfect for us. Secondly the service from Tony was excellent. And finally, as a bonus really, the price was very competitive.'

Managing Working Patterns With Ease

Clearooms now manages more than 100 desks and multiple meeting rooms for The Marketing Practice, allowing their expanding team of over 200 people to manage their hybrid working patterns with ease.

The obvious benefit that Clearooms has delivered is ensuring that our team members can be sure of a desk or meeting space when they arrive at the office. Commercially, this has allowed us to minimise wasted spend on empty office space as well as support us in our ambitions to grow further. It’s true to say that Clearooms has been a fundamental part of our recent growth

Seamless Implementation for The Marketing Practice Team

One of the most important aspects that The Marketing Practice were looking for when considering their workspace management software was to ensure it was easy to use.

With new people starting all the time, it was so important to us that whichever system we picked could be implemented easily. Part of the reason for adopting a technological approach was to reduce the reliance upon the Office Management team to book meeting rooms etc. The fact that new users don’t even need to read the instructions is a testament to how simple Clearooms works.

In a bizarre way, the fact that nobody ever mentions Clearooms to me is, in itself the biggest compliment I can give it - It simply just works!

Ella Riley, Office Manager of The Marketing Practice

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