Easy Office Social Distancing

Plan Scaling

In an effort to support social distancing in the office, our plan scaling feature helps to ensure a safe distance between all desk bookings.

By adding a scale to your office floor plan image and setting the social distance you would like, Clearooms will then automatically calculate that radius around each booked desk, ensuring no other can be booked within your chosen measurement. Users can safely book desks with ease, not having to worry about whether they comply with restrictions and your office desk policy.

Animated Graphic for plan scaling
How it Works

When your floor plan has been uploaded, the scale can be set in Edit mode. By clicking on two points on your floor plan and entering the actual distance between, Clearooms will calculate the entire scale of your floor plan.

Enter the social distance you would like all desk bookings to have in the Settings, and you’re ready to go. When a booking has been made, a circle will appear to show the distance around it and the desks which have now become unavailable within it.

laptop showing Clearooms hot desk floorplan
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