Hot Desk Set Up

How it Works

Our hot desk booking feature allows you to upload your own office floor plan, or select from a sample layout. Once this has been chosen, you can then click to add desks to the floorplan to be booked. Desks can be given individual names, or you can use the default numbering system. 

If you do not have an office plan thats suitable we can create one for you, details of this service can be found here

When a user navigates to the Desk tab in the Portal, each desk will be shown in 4 modes:

Red – The desk has been booked for someone other than you
Green – The desk is available
Blue – A desk you have booked or has been booked for you
Grey – A desk thats unavailable for you to book (reasons could vary and are shown when viewing)

Setting Up Hot Desks

  1. Click the Desks tab in the Portal 
  2. Select the ‘Office’ to edit
  3. Choose to upload your own floor plan image or choose from one of the default layouts
  4. Once uploaded or chosen, click Edit office plan. 
  5. When in Edit mode, you can click on top of your floor plan to add a desk. Name each desk accordingly before clicking Create. Desks can be dragged around the plan whilst you are in Edit mode, or alternatively, you can use the arrows to move the desks by pixel. You can also change the size of the desk circle by selecting from the Desk size drop-down menu.
  6. Entering a Desks message will show across the top of your floor plan for all users to see.
  7. Click Finish editing

If you have multiple offices or more than one office floor, repeat the above steps for each.

Once your set up is complete, you’ll next need to invite your users. Within the Settings, go to Users, then click Invite new users. Each user will receive an email invitation with a link to complete their registration. Once complete, each user will be able to log into the portal to book a desk.

The Floor Plan Image

To upload your own floor plan image, the following file types are supported:

  • PNG (one page only)
  • SVG 
  • PDF 
  • TIFF

For some tips on how to enhance your floor plan image and to find out how we use this desk booking feature ourselves, take a look at this blog:

Take a look at our other support pages here: