Hanbury Strategy

Our move away from shared workspace

Industry: Consulting; Staff: 129

Desks: 87; Meeting Rooms: 10

Hanbury Strategy is a strategic advisory firm with offices in both London and Brussels.

From Shared Workspace to Streamlined Office Management

Hanbury were initially introduced to Clearooms as they were working from a shared workspace that was already utilising the Clearooms portal.

As they continued to grow, Hanbury moved into their own dedicated office space and needed a solution that would manage their hotdesk booking and enable them to operate from offices that didn’t need to have capacity for their entire team all the time.

Now, with over 120 team members booking hotdesks through Clearooms, Hanbury also manages 10 meeting rooms in their London office using the portal and tablets located outside each.

We spoke with Chiara Pinca, Office Manager at Hanbury Strategy to find out how Clearooms had help their transition from shared to private workspace and how the technology continues to make their hybrid working arrangements a breeze.

Seamless Transition and Effortless Integration

“Having already used Clearooms at the shared workspace before our move, we thought ‘if it isn’t broken, why fix it’. We knew that Clearooms was a reliable and easy-to-use solution, so although we looked at some other solutions to get a comparison, none of them did what Clearooms does as easily as it does it.” After an initial call with the Clearooms team, Hanbury were up and running within just days - “It was just easy and it worked, straight away” said Chiara.

Empowering Team Autonomy

As Office Manager, Chiara used to spend much of her day arranging workspaces for the wider team.

“Because the team were so busy with their day-to-day roles, they’d often ask me to arrange desks or meeting rooms. But then would be the inevitable questions such as “how many people is it for?, who needs to be invited?, is there a specific room or desk you need? And it would take up so much of my day. Now it’s easier and quicker for my colleagues to do it themselves - I’ve gone from over 20 requests per day to less than 2, which is a substantial amount of my day that I now have back to focus on other things.”

“It’s also saved them time, as they don’t need to wait for me to reply - it’s just great all round.”

Effortless Onboarding

“Given many of the team were already used to Clearooms, the rollout was very easy. However, even new members of the team have found it so simple to setup. In fact, they don’t even need to be shown how to, we send them a link and literally within a few minutes they’re up and running. It’s so intuitive.”

“There are more features that Clearooms offers that we will consider utilising in the future, such as the ability to book catering and I have no doubt this will be rolled out just as easily.”

Overall, I would definitely suggest that Clearooms has enabled us to be an effective hybrid-working team.

Chiara Pinca, Office Manager at Hanbury Strategy

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