Collinson Group

A global rollout within 5 days

Industry: Travel; Staff: 1830

Desks: 457; Offices: 5

Collinson Group is a global leader delivering airport experiences, loyalty and customer engagement, and insurance solutions for over 400 million end consumers.

Maximising Global Operations Through Innovative Workspace Management

Collinson Group has offices globally, with over 1,800 employees utilising Clearooms to manage their workspace.

What started as a reporting solution for office utilisation of a post-Covid global workforce has become an intricate part of Collinson Group’s global operation. Clearooms now manages the bookings of over 450 hotdesks.

Having used Clearooms for over 3 years, Collinson Group have been instrumental in the development of some of Clearooms newest features as they find new and innovative ways for Clearooms to support them further. We have always been open to client suggestions and where we can see wider benefit for all of our clients we try to develop the portal on a regular basis.

We spoke to Shaf Rahman, VP of Facilities & Estates Management at The Collinson Group to discuss how Clearooms has helped their workforce become an effective global team and how it has made his day to day work life easier.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Tailored to Client's Needs

“We did plenty of research into the available options for managing our remote workforce across the globe. We had demonstrations of a number of solutions, but we found most of them to be over-engineered for our needs. As a result, they were also significantly more expensive, meaning we’d have been paying for features that were not useful for us”.

When we came across Clearooms, it was immediately clear that it’s biggest strength was how they had packed in so many features into a truly simple solution. Then having spoken with the Clearooms team, we were very pleasantly surprised at how open they were to building new features and fine-tuning the portal for our needs. The fact that they were priced competitively was also a determining factor.

Shaf Rahman, VP of Facilities & Estates Management at The Collinson Group


Office Safety and Utilisation

“Initially, our priority was to ensure the safety of our team by controlling the number of employees in the office at the same time, after the Covid-19 pandemic. We wanted the team to come into the office, but of course we needed to ensure it was safe. In addition we wanted to understand the utilisation of each office to allow us to make better commercial decisions.

Whilst the ‘off-the-shelf’ solution was excellent, the Clearooms team has also built specific features and fine-tuned the dashboard to our needs to help us tailor the portal to our exacting needs, which is truly incredible service.

Since then, we have found Clearooms to be an effortless addition to our organisation, requiring minimal support from the Office Administration team”

Seamless Implementation

Rapidly Securing Safe Return to Work

“We were incredibly impressed that Clearooms effortlessly rolled out their solution across 4 of our offices within a week, without needing any significant input from me or my team. This allowed us to bring our people back into the office safely and quickly.

We are looking into utilising more of the Clearooms features in the not too distant future and have no doubt the rollout will be equally as simple.”

Overall, I would definitely suggest that Clearooms has enabled us to be an effective hybrid-working team!

Shaf Rahman, VP of Facilities & Estates Management at The Collinson Group

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