Using the Clearooms Portal

The Clearooms Portal is the backend to the App. This is where you’ll find all of your settings and be able to manage meeting room bookings.
For help on Hot Desks, take a look at the support page here.

The Portal Settings

Working Hours

Clearooms has an energy-saving feature which turns your screen brightness down outside of your working day. To allow Clearooms to determine what your working hours are, you can set them here:
Settings > Working Hours

The device will automatically ‘sleep’ and ‘wake-up’ at the start time and end time you set for each day.

Inviting a New User

Once you have your account set up, you will want to invite other users to enjoy Clearooms. You can invite users under your account by clicking:
Settings > Users > Invite new user

An email invitation will be sent to each invited user with a link they can follow to complete their registration.

Application Settings

It is possible to turn certain app features on or off:

  • Walk-In – Here is where you can set contactless mode and choose from the 3 options, for no QR code to show and tap on the app, to use contactless mode and interact with your own device or to give users both options
  • End Meetings – This allows a person to end a meeting from the device
  • Confirm Meetings – This will cancel a meeting if it hasn’t been confirmed within the first 25% of the meeting time length to prevent rooms from being booked but not used
  • Display Only Mode – This will turn all of the above features off and the device will not be interactive, only showing meeting bookings
  • Pin Code – The pin code is used on the device to change which room a device is connected to

As with branding, all of these settings can be changed for all devices, for devices under certain rooms, or for individual devices.

To change any of these settings for all devices:
Settings > App Settings > Turn toggles on/off > Save

To change any of these settings for all devices under a particular room:
Settings > Room & Device > Click on Room > App Settings > Turn toggles on/off > Save

To change any of these settings for a particular device:
Settings > Room & Device > Click on Device > Turn toggles on/off > Save

The Calendar Tab

Clicking on the Calendar tab will show you an overview of all meetings that have been booked for each room which has either been imported or added to Clearooms.

All booked meetings are shown as red and with any image which has been added to the meeting. Green space within each room row is time that can be booked.

For Integrated Calendars

Create a Meeting

To add a new meeting, click on an available space along the row of the room you wish to book. Enter your meeting details and click save.

Note: If you have integrated an Outlook or Google calendar and a meeting is booked with a room from within there, it will automatically sync to your Clearooms calendar, you do not have to create another within the Portal.

Edit a Meeting

Click on the meeting you wish to edit in the Clearooms calendar. Make your changes, then click save. These changes will also sync with your integrated calendar and vice versa.

Delete a Meeting

If you are using an integrated calendar, you must delete the meeting from either your Outlook or Google calendar which will sync through to the app.

Change your Integration

To update your calendar integration, go to:
Settings > Calendar Integration > Update

You will be redirected to the calendar set-up page where you are able to choose another calendar to integrate with.

Add a New Room

To add a new room that already exists under your calendar provider, follow these steps: Settings > Meeting Rooms > Manage Rooms > Import Room


If you want to add a new room that doesn’t exist yet, follow these steps first:
For Google Integrations:

  • Sign in using an administrator account
  • From the Admin console Home page, go to Buildings and resources
  • Point to and click Add
  • Enter the resource information
  • Click Add Resources

For Outlook Integrations:

  • In the Exchange admin centre, navigate to Recipients > Resources
  • To create a room mailbox, click New > Room mailbox
    Use the options on the page to specify the settings for the new resource mailbox.
  • Room name – Use this box to type a name for the room mailbox. This is the name that’s listed in the resource mailbox list in the Exchange admin centre and in your organization’s address book.
  • Alias – A room mailbox has an email address so it can receive booking requests. The email address consists of an alias on the left side of the @ symbol, which must be unique in the forest, and your domain name on the right. The alias is required.
  • Location, Phone, Capacity – You can use these fields to enter details about the room. When you’re finished, click Save to create the room mailbox.

Using the Clearooms Calendar

If you opted not to integrate an external calendar, you will see empty calendars for each room you have added.

Add a new room
To add a new room follow these steps:
Settings > Meeting Rooms > Manage Rooms > Add Room

Delete a room
To remove a room from your plan, go to:
Settings > Meeting Rooms > Manage Rooms > Delete room

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