In order to set up Google Calendar integration in Clearooms, you will need to be an Administrator in Clearooms, and have Administrator-level access to your company's Google Cloud Apps ( and Search Console (

Configure Google Calendar

Step one allows Clearooms to retrieve employees' of Google Calendars

  1. First, go to
  2. Create a project if you don't already have one or select an existing one

Enable API access

Enable access to this project for the Calendar and Admin SDK APIs:

  1. In the API Manager pane, click Library to see the list of available APIs and search for Google Calendar API
  1. In the Google Apps list, click Google Calendar API then enable
  2. Go back to the Library and search for Admin SDK API.
  3. In the Google Apps API list click Admin SDK API, then Enable.

You will now need to create a service account and add credentials.

Create service account

  1. From the API Manager pane, click Credentials
  2. Click Create Credentials
  3. Select Service account key from the list
  1. Name the account service Clearooms Integration
  2. Click continue on the next step
  3. Click Done on the next step
  4. Open newly created service account details
  1. Open Keys form the menu then Add Key, make sure the JSON option is selected for Key Type then click Create

The key will automatically download a JSON file to your default folder. Hold onto this file, you will need this later and its the only copy of the key.

Edit service account

  1. While still on the service Account Details page click Enable G suite Domain-wide Delegation.
  2. Enter Clearooms Integration in the product field
  3. Click Save
  4. After you have enabled Domain-wide Delegation, the API Manager will create an OAuth 2.0 Client ID. You will need this ID for the next step. To find it:
    1. In the API Manager pane, click Credentials
    2. Find the client you have just created by looking for the product name.
  1. Copy the client ID

Authorize the Calendar API

  1. Go to https//
  2. Navigate through Security > API Controls
  3. Click Manage Domain-wide Delegation
  4. Click Add new
  5. Enter the client ID
  6. In the OAuth Scopes field, enter both of the following URLs and separate them with a comma:

Domain Verification

  1. Open Domain verification
  2. Click add domain
  3. Copy the webhook url from Clearooms and paste into this section
  1. Verify ownership, click "Take me there"
  2. Click add property
  3. Paste the same web hook URL
  1. Select HTML File upload
  2. Click download this HTML file
  3. Upload in Clearooms in the "verification file" field.

Test settings

  1. Click test settings
  2. A list of your rooms will display if all settings are correct.
  3. Click Save

Add Rooms to your floor plan

  1. From Meeting rooms tab in Clearooms click on Manage rooms
  2. Your rooms from Google will be listed within a few seconds.
  3. Select the appropriate Office from the drop down and click import on the rooms you want in that office
  4. Repeat for all offices - rooms.


View rooms and meetings synced from Google on your office plan and under the Meetings tab.