New Contactless Mode for Meeting Rooms!

To respond to new requirements of office working, we’ve created a brand new feature to add to Clearooms, contactless mode.

As workers are starting to return to the office, it’s important to look at every potential touchpoint to maintain high cleanliness standards going forward.

Clearooms brings all of the great benefits associated with being able to manage workspaces and meeting rooms better. Meeting rooms are no longer wasted from no shows, as a meeting can be automatically cancelled if it hasn’t been confirmed, and it’s clear to see when a room is in use or not by displaying the app outside. However, having a shared tablet which is frequently used will be a touchpoint which will require regular cleaning.

This new feature comes with 3 options. It can be used instead of or alongside the usual tap to navigate around the app. This new feature has been specifically designed so Clearooms can be used without having to touch a shared tablet, giving users a little more peace of mind when using meeting rooms.

By activating the feature from the Clearooms Portal, a QR code will show on the app. A user can scan this with their own device and be redirected to a browser and continue using the app. Users are able to end and extend meetings, book walk-in meetings and view other room availability from their own phone.

For other ways Clearooms can help you with your return to the office,
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