Welcome to Clearooms!

This guide will take you through how to set up and operate your Clearooms account for booking meeting rooms.
For help with hot desk booking set up, take a look at this support page here.
For help with setting up Single Sign-On for GSuite accounts, use this support page here.

Let’s get started!

Getting Set Up

1. If you haven't already, register your account using the ‘Sign Up’ link on the Clearooms website. Enter your email address and choose a secure password.

For the next step, you’ll need your login credentials for your Google or Outlook account. If you would rather not integrate a calendar, you can click ‘skip’ to use the Clearooms calendar and go to step 3.

Integrating your Calendar

2. Choose your calendar provider and you’ll be redirected to their login page. Log into your account then continue to choose which rooms to import. Remember, you will be charged £15 per room, per month.

It is recommended to create a generic email address with your provider to use with Clearooms, for example, This will ensure all emails and notifications associated with meetings which have been created using Clearooms, won’t be sent to your own email address.

At this stage, if you cannot see any rooms or you would like to add a new room under your provider, then you will need to do this using the administrator account from your calendar provider.

For Google Calendars:

  • Sign in using an administrator account
  • From the Admin console Home page, go to Buildings and resources
  • Point to and click Add
  • Enter the resource information
  • Click Add Resources

For Outlook:

  • In the Exchange admin centre, navigate to Recipients > Resources.
  • To create a room mailbox, click New > Room mailbox.
  • Room Name - Type a name for the room mailbox up to 64 characters. This is the name that's listed in the resource mailbox list in the Exchange admin centre and in your organisation's address book.
  • Alias - A room mailbox has an email address so it can receive booking requests. The email address consists of an alias on the left side of the @ symbol, which must be unique in the forest, and your domain name on the right. The alias is required.
  • Location, Phone, Capacity - You can use these fields to enter details about the room.
  • When you're finished, click Save to create the room mailbox.

Using the Clearooms Calendar

3. If you have decided to use the Clearooms calendar, you will need to add your rooms manually. Choose a name for your room(s) and click ‘Add’ to add it to your account. Once you are done, click finish.

4. It’s now time to download the Clearooms app. Head to the App Store on your device and search for Clearooms. Once downloaded, log in using your Clearooms credentials and select which room you want this device to be associated with. On installing the app you will be redirected to your device settings to give Clearooms permissions. This device will now be used to display any meetings booked in the selected room’s calendar.

Once set up, it is recommended you turn off all notifications on your tablet device, accessed through the device settings.

Congratulations! You are now set up on Clearooms. For further help, take a look at our Branding support to learn how to customise your app or the Portal support to learn how to navigate our system.

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