Custom booking fields are a way to gain additional information from users when they book a desk or space. 

    Examples could be:  

  • Create a Covid-19 questionnaire that restricts bookings based on answers provided 
  • Request information for car park bookings like the registration number or the make and model of their vehicle
  • Show information about a desk and get confirmation the user has read the detail

Questions created can be linked to specific offices or desks and responses can be `yes/no, radio buttons, check boxes or text fields. 

User Experience

Users will be shown the questions in a pop up on the web portal or as questions on the booking confirmation page with the mobile app.

If a user answers the questions and the form blocks the user from booking the desk, the user will see the following message: 

This message can be customised

Quick Start Guide

  1. Open settings and click on the Hot desk Tab
  2. In the left hand menu select "Custom Booking Fields"
  3. Click "Create new custom field" 
  4. Enter a name for the field - this will be visible on reports but not to the users
  5. Select the type of response from the drop down menu
  6. Add the question you want answering in to  the "Field Label"
  7. Select and order or leave blank for the system to auto sort the questions alphabetically
  8. Turn on/off the required field
  9. Turn on the "restrict booking" toggle to select what answer permits bookings
  10. Assign to specific offices or leave to activate on all offices.
  11. Click "Create field" to save and turn on

Once a custom field exists, users will be asked to answer the questions when they click "book" from the portal or mobile app

Advanced set up

Using multiple questions for different offices

When creating fields each one can be made visible for certain offices or desks. if you leave this option unchecked the question will appear for all bookings across all offices.

You can make some field s global and others specific, for instance you may have a global question on Covid 19 thats a Yes/No and more localised questions for each office that resides in different countries and therefore have different restrictions.

The questions will appear as if a single form  to all users. 

The order of the questions will follow the order you set, where 2 questions have the same order number the system will order them alphabetically based on the name of the questions.

Global settings for custom fields

User feedback on failed booking: 

 The message displayed to the user if they are blocked from booking can be edited, From settings > Custom Booking Fields turn on the custom message option and over type the existing message with one of your choosing. 

Notifications on failed bookings

 If this feature is enabled, details of the users answers will be emailed immediately to the nominated person. 

Please note that both these features are the same for all offices and cannot currently be customised for different offices.


There is a dedicated report in the reports section where you can select a date range, specific offices or desks and see the answers given for each successful booking.

Failed attempts are logged in the Clearooms database and a report will be made available in future releases.


When creating your questions bear in mind the settings you have in place for future bookings. If users can book a long time in advance the answers provided may not be relevant by the time the booking date arrives. if this is a Covid-19 questionnaire on symptoms you are best keeping advance booking to as short a period as possible.