laptop showing Clearooms hot desk floorplan

With the current need to keep a safe distance between staff and to ensure cleanliness in an office or any workplace environment, we’ve developed a brand new feature to add to Clearooms.

We have created a new and optional feature, where the Clearooms app can display a QR code to be scanned by a user’s phone and continued to be used as normal. This means when Clearooms is displayed outside a meeting room, a user has to simply walk up to the tablet showing the app and scan the QR code with their own device to be redirected to a URL. The user is then able to continue using Clearooms from their own device, without having to touch a shared tablet.

This feature is easy to activate within the Portal and comes with 3 options. Choose from tablet mode with no QR code, just contactless mode which will only display a QR code or give your users both options with buttons to tap and a QR code to scan.

From your own phone, you can:

  • End meeting bookings
  • Extend current meetings
  • Book a walk-in meeting
  • View other room availability
  • See meeting details

Why activate the new QR code feature?

  • Have a tablet purely for display purposes
  • Use your own phone to avoid shared devices
  • Continue with the same great features
  • Maintain high cleanliness standards
laptop showing Clearooms hot desk floorplan