Bulk import of users


On request Clearooms can import users in bulk to your account. This can be done in two ways:

  1. Import with invitations
  2. Import as users with passwords

Import with invitations

Importing your users in this way will send each person an invitation to your account. They will receive an email with a link to a sign up page where they can choose their own password and gain immediate access to the account to start booking desks.

This first option does not create a user in Clearooms until the sign up. If you wish to allocate dedicated desks to users or edit the users teams before they gain access option 2 may be best for you.

Import as users with passwords

Importing in this way creates the users and bypasses the sign up page for users. It creates the user with a password that you can specify on the template or allow the system to autogenerate one for them.

If you opt for an auto generated password you will need to direct users to the forgotten password page when they wish to log in.

This 2nd option allows you to edit the users in the system prior to them gaining access. This is helpful if you want to allocate dedicated desks to users or check users access and teams before allowing them to login.

The Template

User permissions

There are 4 user permissions in Clearooms, user, super user, manager and admin. The above image shows what access each of these permissions grants.

The template

The template can be downloaded here. Please insert your data and save as csv (do not convert to excel) and return it to technical@clearooms.com