Branding Support

How to Add your Brand to the Clearooms App

It is possible to customise the app at 3 different levels, by the Account, Rooms, or Meeting.

Account Branding

By customising the app at the Account level, it means all devices under every room will inherit the same branding. For example, this would enable you to set your company brand by default across all of your devices.

To do this, follow these steps:
Go to Settings > Account > Account settings

Here you are able to add an image, display name, display text and choose your brand colour. You can check your changes before saving by clicking Preview Branded Meeting.

Note: To be able to implement Account branding, you will need to fill out the company details form below it.

Once you are happy with your branding, click Save.

Room Branding

Setting Room level branding will update all devices which are associated with the same room. This can be useful for larger meeting spaces with multiple entrances, if an app is displayed on both the outside and inside of a room, or even for individual office departments.

Note: Branding a room will override any Account level branding settings.

To brand at Room level, follow these steps:
Go to Settings > Room & Device > Room > Branding

Add the changes you would like to make, then click Save.

Meeting Branding

In addition to Account and Room branding, you can also brand at individual Meeting levels. For example, if you have a client coming to your office, you can add their logo so that it will display on the device as you walk into your meeting room.

To do this, click on the meeting from within the Clearooms calendar and customise the display. If you want to see what your branded meeting will look like, click ‘Preview branded meeting’.

Note: Meeting branding will override both Room and Account level branding for that meeting.

When finished, click Save.

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